Suggestions from ITO President Avdagiç regarding shopping malls and street stores in Istanbul:

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) President Şekib Avdagiç stated that, within the scope of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures, the time the stores remain open to less than 40 hours per week, “Rent prices make the burden of businesses heavier. To develop a method that will not make the lessor and the tenants a victim. need.” said.

In his statement, Avdagiç stated that as ITO, they held a meeting with the chairman of 3 important associations representing the brands and the retail industry regarding the problems caused by the epidemic in the retail sector.

Avdagiç stated that the President of the United Brands Association (BMD) Sinan Öncel, the President of the Category Merchandising Association (KMD) Serhan Tınastepe and the President of the Registered Trademarks Association (TMD) İzzet Stamati attended the meeting held by video conferencing method.

Explaining that more than 500 brands represented by the 3 industry associations they met, there are 115 thousand stores and sales points in Turkey and abroad, Avdagiç said that these stores and sales points have more than 700 thousand employees.

Stating that the problems related to leasing processes in retailing were addressed at the meeting, Avdagiç said that the chairmen of the association drew attention to the fact that the time the stores were open during the epidemic decreased to less than 40 hours a week.


Şekib Avdagiç pointed out the importance of the retail sector for youth employment and said, “Almost 90 percent of the employees in this sector are under the age of 30. Therefore, our retail and retail sector has a great contribution to youth employment. . ” He spoke in the form.

Stating that international brands and other high quality stores in Istanbul are at a level to compete with the world, Avdagiç said:

“Turkey has demonstrated an original success in the concept of retailing. It was not easy to come here. We have achieved world quality by making great efforts over the years and have a say. Now, we must turn the accumulation and quality that Istanbul has achieved in retailing into a great advantage after the epidemic with the qualified workforce of our retail sector, because after the epidemic, our brand retailing will play the biggest role in the revival of our services sector, especially tourism. ”

Stating that the sector representatives emphasized that “the rental prices paid for the time periods that were decided to be closed, the burden of the enterprises was heavier,” Avdagiç said, “Really, the rent prices increase the burden of the businesses. It is necessary to develop a method that will not make the lessor and the tenants suffer. Currently, the stores pay a share of the turnover together with the rent to the shopping centers. ” he spoke


İTO President Şekib Avdagiç stated that a similar problem is experienced in street stores as well as shopping malls, and that street stores are the most dynamic and essential points for social life, and said, “We must overcome the problems that threaten street retail business. The employee serving the business needs to be protected. This consensus, which will allow us to overcome difficult days together, will keep us alive. ” said.

Pointing out that another issue that needs to be resolved is the issue of common expenses in shopping centers, Avdagiç said, “In each shopping center, separate fees are collected under the name of ‘common area expenses’. However, these amounts differ greatly. While the common cost is 22 TL per square meter, it reaches 70 TL for the other. used the expressions.

Avdagiç noted that there are problems arising from the contracts regarding the stores that want to leave the shopping centers, and these problems need to be resolved